Friday, July 3, 2009

Life afterwards....

So I'm safely back in the states. My family and I took a trip to Vegas just barley and I think going from China to there is about the biggest culture shock that you can get :) Its good to be home though. No one stares at you or tries to sneak pictures of you. You can walk around barefoot, and you remember that commercials on TV are annoying. Thanks for always keeping updated on my blog. Its always nice to know that I have family and friends that care. Right now, in life, I'm going to start working at Old Navy again until Fall semester starts and then I'm headed back up to Utah State University. Back to reality....darn.
I love China and I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I had to go there and experiencing the things that I did.
Love you all! Signing off.....

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  1. Darn. I'll miss reading about your crazy life in China! But welcome home, glad you're safe.